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Basic Hosting

The simplest hosting plan we offer, WHd provides you with space to host your website and lets you maintain all aspects of it. We help you get everything setup correctly and remain around to help you with technical issues, but all maintenance is done by the client.
Many clients who have a grasp of website maintenance choose this method and call on us only when neccessary. It's a great place to start to grow your business.
Up to three hundred email boxes and assistance securing your own domain name are included. Costs for your domain name are just passed onto you directly.
Annual hosting fee is $200, automatically renewed each year.
Some examples of this type of hosting are:

Standard Hosting

Most of our clients fall under the standard hosting package. This includes up to three hundred email accounts, assistance securing your own domain name (at your expense or reserved by us and the cost passed on to you) and server support for PHP, MySQL and/or Frontpage Extensions.
We also give clients at this level two hours of website maintenance each month, non-cumulative. Maintenance would include swapping out pictures with new ones or updating a simple calendar. Adding another web page or completely replacing a picture gallery would not be considered maintenance. Average websites we maintain fall into this category. Hourly rate for additional work that does not fall under maintenance is billed at $50 per hour. Our client is notified that additional fees will be incurred for added work before any work is initiated.
Costs are $400 per year, renewing automatically.
Some examples of maintained sites are:

Custom Hosting

Clients needs are as varied as people are. We offer customized hosting plans tailored to meet those individual customers' needs.
Custom clients usually deal with large amounts of monthly updates and contract with us to handle that additional workload. Some clients have PHP databases that need to be maintained. Others have online stores that require extra maintenance.
These clients fall into our custom category. No job is too large or too small. Let us talk with you about your needs and generate a solution that meets those needs and is manageable, for you and for us. Contact Us for more information.