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GALLERY: Virtual Reality

In building our website, finding examples of everything we do has been a real joy and a real challenge. A lot of what we do has changed so much from even a year ago.

All of the following VRs are HDR VRs or better. If you're looking for something more basic, we'll be happy to work with you to give you the product you want at the best price possible.

Click on the thumbnail to open a new window with a fullscreen version of the VR. On all of our site but this page, our VRs appear randomly as you navigate or refresh your browser; here you can select the VR you want and view it fullscreen by itself. Next to each is the title of the VR and a brief description about it. For those of you with PangeaVR on you IPhone, a link to most of these VRs can be found at http://www.whdigital.com/iphone/marchuff.xml. Make sure you enter the URL manually and it is case sensitive.

Enjoy the artwork!

Goings Homes Ultimate Home Delivery Showhome
During the summer of 2008, the local newspaper put on a drawing to give away a $300,000 home here in Lincoln, NE. This is one of the homes entered into that drawing.
This tour is unique in that it has multiple VRs linked together. Look for where the cursor turns into a hand and wander around the home.
St. Andrews Lutheran Church
Located in Lincoln, NE, St. Andrews Lutheran Church has high ceilings, beautiful stained glass windows and a very lively congregation.
This shot, done just before the Misner wedding, shows the sanctuary well decorated with bows and flowers.
Apache Pass Bridge
A rather ancient bridge located just outside of Thorndale, TX, the Apache Pass is rumored to have been an area where Apache Indians once camped and hunted.
This bridge is still in use today. When we shot the VR, there were four cars that passed over the bridge.
The most interesting thing is all the metal patchwork you can see.
Dark Fire
Sometimes that primal urge takes over and you just have to go burn things.
Some family friends have an acreage outside of town. Every few months they have to cut out some dead trees and have us over to burn them.
As you can see, we usually end up burning more than just trees.
Sunken Gardens in Color
The Sunken Gardens are one of the most well known places in Lincoln. The original trash dump for the city, the trash heap was renovated and made into the garden you see here.
No, those aren't natural colors, either. This was a test project for the World Wide Panorama entry for "Color."
We should've picked this entry.
Good Shepherd Lutheran Church
This is our home church in Lincoln, NE. A conservative Lutheran congregation, Good Shepherd is growing by leaps and bounds. Also well known in Lincoln for being stubborn, the church confesses and remains true to the Bible and what it teaches.
Look at their website for service times.
Remodeled Astra Cockpit
We are also capable of shooting in small places. Taken for a prominent passenger airplane refurbisher in Lincoln, NE, this Astra cockpit shows the level of detail possible in our HDR level of VRs.
We like a challenge; give us something small to shoot!
Birds Nest Cabins
While on vacation, we like to stay in random places. The first of our cabin stays was at the Birds Nest Cabins outside of McDaniels, KY.
This is an efficient cabin that sleeps up to eight people. Our family stayed here for a reunion we had outside of Louisville, KY.
Birds Nest Cabins Porch
This is one of my favorite shots of the same cabin. A wonderful exterior shows the front lawn and carefully exposed screened-in porch shows the seating area. This is HDR photography at its best!
Schroeder Bar
Schroeder's Bar (pronounced Schr-a-der) has some of the best burgers ever made. We're not kidding. People drive hours and have come from as far away as Germany to get a Schroeder Burger.
Cooked on an ancient, well-seasoned grill, the old man's been making burgers, for LITERALLY 80 years.
Serbin Lutheran Church
The oldest standing Lutheran church in the state of Texas, Serbin Lutheran Church in Serbin, TX was built in 1867. A rich, diverse history, my favorite highlights are:
  • The hanging lamps are the original gas lamps that have been converted to use electricity
  • The original pump organ (since converted to use an electric motor) is still used weekly
  • The pulpit is high above the altar
  • The men used to sit in the balcony above on the "rustic" pews while the women and children sat below on the "manufactured" pews
Mariposa Ranch B&B
Another quaint B&B we spent the night at outside of Brenham, TX, the Mariposa Ranch has a rustic ranger cabin.
An a-frame loft, the master bed was upstairs. Since heights are a bit of a problem, sleeping was a challenge. The whirlpool tub was nice, though.
Windsor Stables Dance Floor
While looking for wedding halls to have a reception, we came across the Windsor Stables in Lincoln. A nice sized hall with lots of character, we've already attended many receptions here.
Windsor Stables
A shot of where the head table sits, the Windsor Stables has a touch of elegance. The crown molding and beautiful decor really add to the moment.