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The best way for anyone to understand what we do is to look at our work.

Broken down into three categories, our gallery contains some of our best work in each of these sections.

Feel free to browse and Email Us with any comments!

Anyone can shoot a picture; it takes a professional to create a photograph.

We do many different types of photography for different clients.
We take a different, modern approach to weddings and events. Instead of dealing with the complications of printing images, WHd provides pictures on DVD in both a raw and a "proofed" form. The client is then free to make reproductions as they wish using their home printeror any other source they desire. If requested, WHd can help with large-format and bulk printing.
We have also shot school plays, both still photography and video. Our equipment allows us more professional freedom to take quality shots for later memories as children grow older.
Natural mountain landscapes and nature in general appeal to people like us, so the camera comes with on trips to get those wonderful shots of places we hadn't ever been before.
Since we do a lot of work with homebuilders, interior decorating and expertly furnished homes are a specialty. We especially enjoy before and after shots of remodeling projects. Our style of photography makes them stand out.

Virtual Reality
What the heck is that thing for?

Interact with this VR. Click and drag your mouse in any direction.
Ah, the pride and joy of what WHd was created to do!
We do a little bit of everything with our VRs. From beautiful flowered gardens to public buildings and those old bridges that photographers seem to be drawn to for some reason, anything is fair game. One of our favorites is before and after shots for remodelers; seeing a fading VR between what was and what is is always fascinating.
As technology changes, so too does the way we shoot our VRs and display them on the internet. From the humble beginnings of Apple Quicktime (still by far the most popular viewer), through the smooth panning of DevalVR (which is still the best PC viewer for standalone projects), to the current popular viewers based in Adobe Flash (coming online soon using KRPano), WHd understands the technology behind our product.
Our VR hardware changes just as often as new and better techniques are developed (some in-house) to give our clients a better product at a cheaper price.
Look over our VR Gallery and the different types of tours available and check out our VR Products page for a side-by-side comparison of the types of tours and advantages to each.

I like it; it’s simple and clean.

We build, host and even maintain many websites for a variety of companies and individuals. From a couple of Lutheran schools to a multi-million dollar homebuilder, our projects are large and small.
Some clients come to us with a small budget and very little knowledge of how the internet and websites work. Through careful training and a lot of one-on-one time, our specialists take care of them, explaining each step in detail and making sure they understand what we're doing each step of the way. And after we've completed their site, we help them list onto search engines like Google and begin their online advertising campaigns. We take away the complexity and feelings of being lost.
Sometimes our clients are larger with a greater knowledge of what they want and need in a website. They still get the same one-on-one attention, but at a level of complexity that satisfies what they need in a web developer. These same clients usually take more of a proactive approach to their advertising campaigns, working and refining their search terms to better their market position.
No matter the size or complexity of our clients, we strive to be the company they need to have a successful internet site and advertising campaign. Take a closer look at some of our satisfied clients.