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GALLERY: Photography

Wedding/Event Photography

Spencer Dance

Misner Wedding
We've always been available for events, especially weddings. Our first ever photo shoot was a senior prom after party. We took random candid shots and made a contact sheet, offering the pictures for sale to students.
What we do now is a little more complicated and uses more than a standard over-the-counter digital camera. Taking time to line up individuals and match the shot to the surroundings are just as important white balance.
Mountainscapes and other large-sized digital photography are always a favorite, too. There's something about the lone mountain valley that just grabs the photographer.
We have a handful of examples here that show what we've done in group photography lately. Take a look and let us know what you think.
Click on any of the pictures to bring up a larger version in a new window or tab. Close the tab or window to return to this page.
Contact Us for more information and for booking availability.

Pharoah and the Flies

Spencer Cutting

Spencer Cheesecake

Single Valley

Photomontage/Panoramic Photography

Photomontages, or groups of photos that are "stitched" together into one larger picture, are a natural for WHd. With the virtual reality projects we do, adding stitched still pictures to our portfolio is natural.
Standard montages, like these are easy enough, but we like to add to the mix and do HDR montages. See below for an explanation about HDR photography.

Jeep Collage

Honeymoon Mountain


High Dynamic Range (HDR) Photography

Touch of Blue

Lauren Marie at Night
One of the most popular and newest tricks in digital photography is called HDR. We take three pictures with different exposures and use the computer to "merge" the pictures into one single shot. Blown-out bright windows become tolerable and actually allow you to see the exterior; dark recesses of the closet become visible.
This particular style of digital photography takes a little talent, too. The computer software, while very good in "automatic" mode, doesn't always get the shot just right. A photographer's memory is also important to recreate the scene.
Look over our shots here and let us know what you think. Clicking on any of the images will bring up a larger version in a new window.

Almost Rendering

KY Cabin 360

Cathedral Ceiling

TX Cabin 360

Extended Dynamic Range (EDR) Photography

Lastly we have SHDR photography. Using HDR methods to the extreme, we're able to take many exposures, depending on how the particular scene is lit, and use our computer software to meld the exposures together into one single shot. This takes the most time and skill to get the camera settings perfect.
Typical shoots for us take anywhere from fifteen minutes to half an hour to do just one EDR shot. See some of our favorites we've done lately and, if you're interested, look at our products section to see more information about circumstances that allow for this level of detailed photography.
Below are three images taken at each range of photography; notice the blue sky in particular. Click on them to make them larger.
LDR Photo
HDR Photo
SHDR Photo